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Manchester Metropolitan University Independent Field Trails

Conducted by Professor Simon Caporn and his team.

PlugaMossIUCN14Sm.pdf SoluMossCarpetIUCN14 BaSm.pdf

Throughout Trials, since 2008 Sphagnum has successfully established in the moorland environment showing survival rates of up to 69%. Restoring large areas of denuded bog by seeding with BeadaMoss, brings a fully functioning ecosystem back to life.


Re-introduction PlugaMoss Sphagnum Carpet SoluMoss BeadaMossLime&Fertiliser BarbSmName.pdf BeadaMoss Lime & Fertiliser BeadaMossTrialsSuccessSm.pdf

Trials Success

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BeadaMoss & Beyond


IPPS Paper




IPC Paper


ICUN 2012

BeadaMoss® Establishment Bead growth June 2009 to March 2015 Planted in thick Cotton Grass at Holme Moss   Independent monitoring Courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University Sphagnum Growing Trial 2017 Plugs grew up to five times in size from 3cm to 15cm  in 16 weeks from May 2017  Independent monitoring Courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University BeadaHumok® Rapid Establishment at Cors Foncho, Wales May 2017     ~3cm September 2017    ~ 15CM