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Micropropagation Services Tel: +44 (0) 1509 856 295 Email: Barbara@Microprop.co.uk BeadaMoss®is a Registered Trademark of Micropropagation Services (EM) Ltd BeadaMoss® Sustainable Sphagnum – the Science Way BeadaMoss® - Three Sphagnum Products one Family   All available in any of our current Sphagnum production varieties  And with no need to ravage intact bog for donor Sphagnum

Lab-produced strands of Sphagnum - grown into plug plants

BeadaHumok™ can be used on blanket or raised bogs for faster coverage.

Success will depend on weather at planting and immediately post-planting,

as the plugs may be less able to withstand dessication/harsh environment.

Instant ResultsBeadaHumok thriving & colonising open moorland within 16 weeks of planting. See Trials Page